10 famous tourist spots of Kota(Rajasthan)

This article includes information about 10 famous tourist places of Kota. The article also includes information,features and timing to visit those places. All listed places in article are a must see for the one who visits Kota.

10 famous tourist places in Kota (Rajasthan)

1. Jagmandir Palace

Jagmandir palace is the main attraction in Kota. It was built in 1740 by one of the queen. It is situated on a small island in Kishore Sagar Lake. This palace got its name in honor of Maharaja Jagat singh. This place used to be crowded by royal families in summer .It can be accessible through boats which are available at the bay of Kishore sagar lake. The palace is made of yellow sandstones and marbles which give it a golden look. It also has a garden which consist beautiful sceneries and an ancient fountain. One should pre book tour to Jagmandir Palace as it is remains crowded with tourists' whole year.

2.Taragarh Fort

Taragarh fort was once the centre of the Rajasthan Kingdom. It was built in 1345 and situated 37 kilometers away from the city. The fort was capable to hold the whole city for a long time incase of any war. For this large water reservoir were built inside the fort. They were beautifully carved to maintain the beauty of the fort. The fort has a large canon called Bhim Burj which was once used to fight the enemy and protect the fort. One can have panoramic view of city from the fort. City even looks more beautiful while night with its twinkling lights. The fort had many secret pathways which were built to protect and escape the king from any emergency. The fort remains open from early morning to late night and the entry is free in Taragarh fort for the visitors.

3.City Fort Palace

City fort Palace was built in 17th century and situated on the eastern edge of Chambal River. It is a famous tourist attraction of Kota hence visited by many domestic as well as international tourists. This is one of the biggest fort complexes in Rajasthan. City fort palace is a mixed design or Mughal and Muslim architectures. The best time to visit this place is during November when it is winter season in Rajasthan. It houses the rugged ramparts and bastion with balustrades and domes of the rulers. The main entrance of the city fort palace is known as the Elephant Gate or Hathi Pol which is beautifully carved with marbles. The city fort palace remains open from 10:00AM to 4:30 PM.One need to pay nomial entry fees of Rs20 to enter the Palace.

4.Mathuradheesh Temple

Mathuradheesh temple is a famous pilgrim for the follower of Vallabh sect. Vallabh sect was eighth manifestation of Lord Krishna. Rajput kings constructed the beautiful and magnificent Mathuradheesh temple for the followers of Vallabh sect which are in large number. The fort is visited by many followers as well as tourists to get blessings from their god. The best time to visit the temple is during the festive seasons when people in large numbers come here to worship the Vallabh sect and the temple becomes a divine place to visit.

5.Chambal gardens

Chambal Gardens is located 2 km away from Kota on the bank of river Chambal. It is the best place to visit for the nature lovers. It houses many varieties of plants and trees and some of them are very rare species. The main attraction of Chambal gardens in the small pond in its center which have crocodiles. At earlier times there were many species of crocodiles were there but due to illegal hunting today it houses only Garials. This garden gives an opportunity to relax away from the city crowd and noise. There is also facility of boating. Best time to visit Chambal gardens is during winter when there is low temperature and one need not to worry about beating heat of Rajasthan.


Sitabari is one of the major tourist as well as religious place because of the history attached with this place. It is the place where Sita, wife of the Lord Rama gave birth to her two children Luv and Khush. She used to live here when she left the kingdom of Rama. There is also a temple dedicated to Sita and Lakshman. There are seven water tanks or Kunds which are dedicated to characters of Ramayana. A fair is organized here every year in the month of May and June when lots of devotees and tourists come here to see this beautiful place.

7.Government Museum

Government Museum is one of the main tourist attraction in Kota .It is located in Brij vilas Palace which is located nearby Kishore Sagar Lake (the one which have jagmandir palace on its island). The main things preserved in museums are old coins, Ancient manuscripts, and other old sculptures.
The museum holds statues which were made during 4th century. There are many beautiful costumes and handicrafts displayed in museum. The most famous sculpture in government museum is an elephant brought from Baroli which is the excellent piece of art.
Details to visit museum
Fees: Rs.2
Camera : Camera is not allowed in the Museum.
Open On: The museum remains open on working days from 10AM to 5Pm.
Closed On: The government museum remain closed on Fridays and government holidays.

8.Darrah wildlife sanctuary

Darrah wildlife sanctuary was once the favorite ground of kings of Kota for hunting. Later in 1955 it was declared as wildlife reserve. Once it housed tigers, deers and rhinos which made it a favorite ground for hunting. With a regular reduction in forest area the tigers and rhinos got extinct but still today the Darrah Wild Life Sanctuary houses leopards, sloth bears, antelopes, nilgai, deers and wolves. Antelopes and wolves can be seen in large numbers in the sanctury. It is situated around 50 kilometers away from the main city and is reachable though local transport as well as private taxis. Entry fees in Darrah wildlife sanctuary is 100 per head for international tourists and 20 per head for domestic tourists.

9. Raniji Ki Bowli

Bowli are the step wells were important social structures in medieval India. Raniji ki Bowli is situated around 38 kilometers away from the main city and was built in year 1699. Rani Nathavati was the youngest queen of the ruling Rao who had two wives. The elder wife of the king could not give him a son who was to be the next him, so he married again to Rani Nathavati with the hope to get a heir for his kingdom. But unfortunately Rani Nathavati did give birth to a son and became subject to the jealousy of the elder queen. So she retired to a life devoted to serving her subjects. She created this well which is 165 feet deep. The stairs and the interior are beautifully carved with designs .This place is an example of beautiful architecture.

10.Haveli of Deaji

Haveli of deaji was owned by a rich merchant. This building was built to show the richness of the merchant. The haveli has huge courtyards, large rooms, beautiful lobby and many other great features. It is decorated with beautiful carving and paintings. Some of the finest paintings of Kota painting schools are decorated in the haveli. Rest all part of the complex is left intact for the view of tourists.

Other good places to visit in Kota are Kansua temple,Kesar bagh,Kota barrage.


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